When it comes to E-commerce there is plenty of deceptive information about the laws of internet sales tax. It is important to consider where your income is from, is it foreign income? Where are your bank accounts located? Is your office located from home?

Mayer CPAs LLP has helped many companies decipher the confusing and tedious issues that arise when dealing with internet sales.

Tax Services

Online businesses can potentially be subject to liabilities for income tax, self-employment tax, or excise tax. There is also the possibility that your sales may result in capital gains, nondeductible personal losses, or you may have ordinary business income. The slightest mistake could lead to civil and criminal penalties in addition to loss of income.  

In order to eliminate these threats, Mayer CPAs searches for areas that could possibly lead to liabilities as well criminal and civil penalties. We look for situations that might cause legal issues or loss of income and require immediate attention. With these concerns identified we work with our clients to figure out a solution that is both quick and effective.

Business Management

In addition to our tax services we provide our clients with superior business advisement. Our team supports those in the e-commerce industry with assessing their business in order to develop a better understanding, maximize their profit, and expand their business.

With processes that include cash flow projections, gross profit by products, overhead and production costs reviews; we make sure that your business is running as efficiently as possible.