Lifestyle Management

For a successful business to run properly there needs to be a Chief Financial Officer in place to handle the company’s finances. Mayer CPAs believes that high net worth individuals require the same financial services as a thriving business. Our firm provides services that present you with peace of mind, knowing that your finances are being taken care of. From bill payment, insurance needs, and audit services, we will handle the tedious processes that come with handling finances, and allow you to enjoy everything else that life has to offer.

Mayer CPAs will work together with your lawyers, banks, and insurance companies to make sure that everyone involved in your team of advisors is working with the correct financial information. Through our years of expertise we have built relationships with a large number of professionals and can offer our trusted advice on legal services as well as financial institutions.

Mayer CPAs Family Office services are a natural extension of Lifestyle Management, and include the structure of entities, transfer of ownership, appointment of children to key positions, tax strategy, family loans and more.

Clients can choose to utilize one or all of our services and we will work with them to determine how we can best serve their needs.

Services include:

  • Personal financial and tax planning
  • Tax savings strategies
  • Cash management advice
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Tax return preparation
  • Procure financing (mortgages, loans, etc.)
  • Interface with investment advisors
  • Monitoring/ analysis of investments
  • Coordination of personal/business insurance needs
  • Bill payments/ vendor liaison
  • Recruit/interview personal assistants and household help
  • Preparation of special analysis for attorneys
  • Acquisition/sale of homes
  • Vehicle, yacht and private jet leasing/purchase
  • Medical/insurance reimbursements


“I came to Mayer CPAs for their Lifestyle Management services and they have quickly become a trusted advisor. Their involvement with my estate planning, life insurance needs and overseeing my investment strategies has been an asset to my overall financial management. I was also extremely impressed with their tax saving strategies, which helped to save me a significant amount of money. Their attentive service and strategic approach to my finances have made them an integral member of my team of advisors. ”

Frederic Fekkai

International Renowned Style Maker, New York, NY