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March Newsletter

  • Avoiding Tax Scams
  • Estate Planning Mistakes
  • What’s your Fraud IQ?

February Newsletter

  • New York State Hiring Credits
  • NYS Tax Refund: E-mail Notification Sign up

November Newsletter

  • Estate Planning: What about Gifts?
  • Do you oversee a 401(k) Plan for your Company?
  • Retirement Plan Limits for 2014
  • 2014 NY State Unemployment Wage Base Limit Increase to $10,300

October Newsletter

  • Estate Planning: The Terms You Need to Know
  • Record Keeping: Stay Organized
  • Tax Corner: Ask MayerMeinberg

September 2013 CIRA Newsletter

  • Condominium and Cooperative Disaster Relief
  • Collecting Outstanding Balances
  • Principles of Budgeting for CIRAs

September 2013

  • MayerMeinberg Software Updates
  • Estate Planning for Everyone
  • NYS Tax Department Launches Basic STAR Re-Registration

 August Construction Newsletter 2013

  • Industry at a Glance
  • How Taxes affect Bonding

August 2013


  • Will the IRS audit me?
  • Tax Tips if You’re Moving this Summer
  • Health Care Tax Provisions

July 2013 

  •  When is a business cost for entertainment 100% deductible?
  • Expiring Federal Tax Code Provisions
  • Tax Tips for Newlyweds

June 2013


  • Tax filing Obligations for taxpayers with Foreign Assets
  • How to prepare for Hurricanes & Natural Disasters by Safeguarding Tax Records
  • Home Office Deduction – New Simplified Method
  • STAR Registration Program

June 2013 CIRA Newsletter

  • Does your community have a disaster plan?
  • How can a finance committee help your board?
  • What is zero based budgeting?
  • How can my board have a one hour board meeting?

May 2013

  • MayerMeinberg attends BDO Seidman Alliance Conference
  • MayerMeinberg goes to Capitol Hill
  • Captive Insurance: Can it help your business?
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Additional Medicare Tax

March 2013

  • MayerMeinberg hosts Presentation to Educate Bankers on  the Clarity Project
  • Superstorm Sandy Update
  • Rules Established for Struggling Homeowners
  • The Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013
  • IRS Reminds Taxpayers: Report 2010 Roth Conversions on 2012 Returns
  • The Cut Unjustified Tax Loopholes Act

February 2013 CIRA Newsletter

  • MayerMeinberg Q&A
  • Community in the Spotlight: Capital Projects
  • Multiemployer Pension Plans: New Financial Disclosure Requirements

January 2013

  • MM Forensic File: Finding the Missing Factor
  • Repair Regulations
  • Health Insurance Coverage Reporting Due in January 2013
  • New NYS Sales Tax Reporting Requirement
  • Retroactive Treatment of Lifetime Transfers from IRAs to Qualified Charities
  • The Wage Theft Prevention Act Notice is Due

November 2012

  • MayerMeinberg featured in Newsday’s Executive Suite
  • Post-Election Tax Policy Briefing
  • Metropolitan Communter Tax Protective Claim Extended
  • Suffolk Exempts Small Businesses From Sales Tax
  • Social Security Announces 1.7% Benefit Increase for 2013

September 2012

  • NY Wage Deduction Expansion Signed
  • Individual Tax Planning for 2013
  • Estate Tax Planning for 2013
  • New Sales Tax Web File

July 2012

  • Small Business Owners Tax Credits
  • How to Properly Classify Your Workers
  • NYS Residency: Non-Resident Filers Should Be on Alert

February 2012

  • Payroll Tax Cut Extended
  • W-2 Reporting for Group Health Plans
  • New Numbers for 2012
  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP)

November 2011 

  • New Health Insurance Premium Reporting Requirements
  • Bonus Depreciation Opportunity
  • Crackdown on Independent Contractors