Our Services

Assurance and Audit
Our reputation in the Long Island and New York City banking community precedes us as a firm that provides accurate and reliable reports. In addition to delivering these services on a timely basis, we understand how important it is for our clients to have a working knowledge of their financial information.


Tax and Tax Controversy/Resolution
The ever-dynamic world of taxation requires significant expertise and experience and to meet the challenges and complexity required to increase profitability while minimizing tax expenses.

Estate and Retirement Planning
Estate planning encompasses a range of financial, retirement, business succession, charitable, medical, disability, legacy, and gift planning and requires a team of trusted advisors.  Mayer CPAs would play a leading role in that team.  Our individualized approach considers your unique situation. Working closely with your team of advisors, we will help implement a plan that protects you, your family and your business.

Business Management
Regardless of the size of your business, Mayer CPAs experience can help improve your financial position, allowing you to focus on your core business.  Our responsibilities do not end with just compliance. With the combined resources of our CPA team and business management consultants, we provide fiscal expertise and planning coupled with sound, practical business advice.

Lifestyle Management
Targeted towards high net-worth individuals, entertainment professionals, fashion industry professionals, and others whose careers and lifestyles require attentive and individualized care, Mayer CPAs Lifestyle Management service area is customized to meet our clients’ special requirements. From personal accounting management to the administration of cash flow, we can provide the services and strategies to manage your finances, increase wealth and minimize tax expenses.

Turnaround Management
Mayer CPA offers strategic business management consulting for small and mid-size businesses at a level of expertise generally available only to large corporations.  We specialize in turnaround management, crisis intervention, operational analysis, cash flow management, forensic accounting, due diligence and general business consulting.

Family Business Planning
Many closely held businesses are owned by several family members. Mayer CPA has the experience and sensitivity to advise families regarding their specific financial planning needs.

CFO Services
Outsourced CFO services offer the flexibility of expert CFO advice without the added expense, and where we are not required to be “independent” with respect to that particular client.  These beneficial services are primarily directed at pre-IPO, and micro to small public companies in a cost-effective manner.

Forensics and Litigation Support
Mayer CPA works with bankruptcy and litigation attorneys and their clients to support attorney efforts to “follow the money,” unraveling and recreating financial transactions with Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) expertise.

Mayer CPA has an in-depth knowledge of insolvency, bankruptcy and reorganization. The firm has successfully represented clients into and out of Chapter 11 filings, and is qualified for expert witness testimony in litigation and Bankruptcy Court proceedings.

Mergers and Acquisitions
With the combined resources of our CPA team and business management consultants, we provide fiscal expertise and planning coupled with sound, practical business advice. We understand the entrepreneurial spirit.

Corporate Finance Capital Raising
Mayer CPA can offer solutions to help middle-market companies that have unique financing requirements. The firm focuses on sourcing capital and structuring credit facilities that advance a client’s business and financial objectives.

Client Accounting Services
Mayer CPAs experienced team of professionals offers a number of customized client accounting services to assist you and your business. Our firm provides the right amount of support to help you reach your next phase of growth.

Special Situations
Our team can assist in identifying, negotiating, structuring and executing the best possible solutions for its clients outside of bankruptcy court.