Professional Firms

“Bob Mayer and the entire staff at Mayer CPA provide a true value-added service. They go beyond the traditional services you expect from an accounting firm and truly take an interest in our business. They identify issues we need to address before they become problems, while helping us to identify viable solutions. Their proactive approach to accounting has made a tremendous impact on our business. ”

Michael D. Brown, Partner
Ohrenstein & Brown, LLP, Garden City, NY


Professional Firms

As a firm, we at Mayer CPA can relate to companies that provide professional services to others. We present a wide range of resources to those in the medical, legal, architectural fields, and interior design. Each professional service is one of a kind and we try to assess every client to come up with a specific list of needs.

Financial Analysis

Many firms specialize in more than one specific area and in more than one location. At every level it is extremely important for you to have an understanding of where your firm is and is not making money. Mayer CPAs will help you develop a better perception of where your firm is profitable and develop ways to strengthen the other areas of your business that are not as lucrative.

Business Management

Mayer CPA provides you with a group of specialist that possesses the critical skills that your professional firm should have to operate successfully. We offer advisement on the purchase and sale of a business, succession planning, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and much more.  The firm understands that your time is valuable and the services we provide allow you more time with your clients.

Our strategic partnership includes professionals with an assortment of expertise. We pride ourselves on being a proactive firm and no matter the size of your company we look at all areas of your business that might be causing problems or require immediate attention. With these problems acknowledged, we work with our customers to outline a solution that is both immediate and efficient. Our team members provide an expertise in professional industries and the proficiency of our on-staff tax attorney complements our accounting and business consulting practices.